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Office 365 cannot send email from a distribution list or alias

I recently started using Skype for Business which is a great product for webinars and decided to try out Office 365. It was not long before I started to have my doubts. I encountered several issues during setup mostly due to having to wait for certain settings to take effect. I liked the shared mailboxes – which could… Read More »

Google App Sync and windows 10

Upgraded to windows 10 and getting errors when sending emails from Outlook. Chances are you are using Google App sync which is not yet supported on Windows 10. Google is always behind when it comes to the latest MS software updates so its always good to remember to check if Google App sync supports the upgrade before going… Read More »

This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their youtube account

Delete your Google account and your YouTube videos go with it! Note to self – when deleting a Google apps account make sure that the user does not have any videos stored in YouTube. While there are several articles telling you how you can request them to restore the account you get stuck in an endless loop between… Read More »

Roaming profiles for Google App Sync Users

Google App Sync can be quite fussy when it comes to roaming profiles but these are easily overcome when setting up a roaming profile with a Windows Group Policy. Setup a hidden drive letter which is mapped to all relevant users. Create a group policy to create/modify the following registry keys – PstFolder & LogFolder , both located… Read More »

Chrome is still the best browser BUT

Doesn’t it just annoy you when they change something that just worked. I have used Chrome ‘People’ Feature to create multiple browser profiles and found this a very useful feature. They have just changed that to make it a cumbersome process. Very frustrating! You can revert the changes but it seems Google is quite set on moving forward… Read More »

Setup Out of office reply for gmail or google apps

Out of office replies in Gmail is known as a vacation responder. If you are going on holiday and need to setup an automated out of office reply follow these steps – Open Gmail Click on the cog icon (top right of screen) Scroll down to vacation settings Enter a date range, subject and message Select who you want… Read More »

Secure your documents in the cloud

This months 3rd party software pick has to be Boxcryptor. Are you cautious of moving your data to the cloud? Even the best providers out there are subject to security breaches. Use Boxcryptor to encrypt your documents seamlessly. Encryption keys are all managed for you automatically and you can even share folders and security with others. Works perfectly… Read More »

Google App Sync for Outlook 2013 has arrived

Good news for all Outlook 2013 users, Google App Sync for Outlook 2013 is now available. Follow the link to download – For Office 32 bit for Office 64 bit Read more at these links –