Office 365 cannot send email from a distribution list or alias

By | November 21, 2016

I recently started using Skype for Business which is a great product for webinars and decided to try out Office 365. It was not long before I started to have my doubts. I encountered several issues during setup mostly due to having to wait for certain settings to take effect.

I liked the shared mailboxes – which could be used in demo’s to easily simulate sending email to different users.

I discovered that distribution lists was the best option to receive mail on multiple domains.

As a software vendor we email out clients from the email addresses they contact us on which is often related to the product. This setup is impossible on Office 365. I found the best I could do was create distribution lists which would allow me to receive and send email from outlook using the distribution list email address (even though I am only 1 person).

Sadly there is no way you can use these on a mobile device or in Outlook web access. I am dumbstruck as to why there is no way to achieve this, and while I understand there are key differences and benefits to Office 365 I am happy to return to Google knowing that this is all handled with ease.