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Using Task Scheduler to map network drives once connected to VPN

The problem arises that users don’t always have the correct drive mappings in place when they connect to a VPN. This problem is easily overcome when using OpenVPN as you can easily provide a script to process on successful connection/disconnection. To summarise (for OpenVPN), just add the script into the relevant OpenVPN config folder, and… Read More »

How to remove windows.old folder

You might need to save some valuable disk space and find out that there is a windows.old folder comsuming lots of space. To remove it you must be an administrator – if you are not logged in as an administrator you can search for disk cleanup, right click and run as administrator. On the disk… Read More »

Quick Support Session

Do you need help with any IT related issue? We can help. This option is available to anyone looking for remote assistance or advice on an ad-hoc basis. Our time is charged on an half-hourly basis – pay for the first hour upfront and any additional hours will be invoiced for online payment. If we… Read More »

msiexec 1603 errors Outlook addin uninstall fails

Some useful troubleshooting steps when you cannot remove or install an updated Outlook addin – 1. Run the installer from the command line calling the /lv switch to enable logging and review the log for clues. example – msiexec /i “c:\msitest\installer.msi” /qn /lv “c:\msitest\installer.log” (replace ‘installer’ with the relevant installer name) 2. Fix problems with the… Read More »

Office 365 cannot send email from a distribution list or alias

I recently started using Skype for Business which is a great product for webinars and decided to try out Office 365. It was not long before I started to have my doubts. I encountered several issues during setup mostly due to having to wait for certain settings to take effect. I liked the shared mailboxes… Read More »