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Quick Support Session

Do you need help with any IT related issue? We can help. This option is available to anyone looking for remote assistance or advice on an ad-hoc basis. Our time is charged on an half-hourly basis – pay for the first hour upfront and any additional hours will be invoiced for online payment. If we resolve the issue… Read More »

Connecting a USB drive on Proxmox

You have a USB drive with files copied from a windows server / pc and you want to copy them onto a proxmox server – First install ntfs-3g by running the command apt-get ntfs-3g mkdir /usbdrive mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /usbdrive use rsync to copy the data across – rsync -a /usbdrive /todestinationpath

VMware Workstation Unrecoverable Error

After upgrading to Windows 10 I faced an ‘unrecoverable error’ when attempting to resume my virtual machines. I found articles recommending you remove the cdrom device as it is handled differently in windows 10 which also led me to notice I could not edit the virtual machine. Solution – Power down the VM. You will get a warning… Read More »

link folder to a new drive

We often have problems with customers running out of space on a hard drive. There is a simple solution which works from Windows XP upwards. Take a look at junctions – First download junctions.exe and add it to your system folder so that it can be run from any folder. If there is an application using the… Read More »

Proxmox KVM machine will not stop

Occasionally a backup locks one of my KVM machines. Running any of the commands from the UI or from the command yields no results – Stop trying to aquire lock…TASK ERROR: can’t lock file ‘/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-136.conf’ – got timeout Reset trying to aquire lock…TASK ERROR: can’t lock file ‘/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-136.conf’ – got timeout Solution – /etc/init.d/cman stop /etc/init.d/pve-cluster stop /etc/init.d/pve-cluster… Read More »

Making icons for windows applications

Making icons for windows applications can be a challenge. We created a simple tool to help you get an idea what the icon will look like easily. Simply upload a multi sized .ico file and instantly see the results in the taskbar. It also displays the common icon sizes so you can tell which sizes are included in… Read More »

Useful Outlook 2013 switches Switch Description /a Creates an item with the specified file as an attachment.Example: “c:\program files\microsoft office\office15\outlook.exe” /a “c:\my documents\labels.doc” If no item type is specified, IPM.Note is assumed. Cannot be used with message classes that are not based on Outlook. /altvba otmfilename Opens the VBA program specified in otmfilename, instead of %appdata%\microsoft\outlook\vbaproject.otm. /c messageclass Creates a new… Read More »

Called runscript when not marked in progress

Error during installation – “called runscript when not marked in progress” Problem – Installer does not complete and application is not installed Solution – Grant Full Permissions to the c:\Windows\Temp folder for the current user