Quick Support Session

Do you need help with any IT related issue? We can help. This option is available to anyone looking for remote assistance or advice on an ad-hoc basis. Our time is charged on an half-hourly basis – pay for the first hour upfront and any additional hours will be invoiced for online payment. If we… Read More »

msiexec 1603 errors Outlook addin uninstall fails

Some useful troubleshooting steps when you cannot remove or install an updated Outlook addin – 1. Run the installer from the command line calling the /lv switch to enable logging and review the log for clues. example – msiexec /i “c:\msitest\installer.msi” /qn /lv “c:\msitest\installer.log” (replace ‘installer’ with the relevant installer name) 2. Fix problems with the… Read More »

Office 365 cannot send email from a distribution list or alias

I recently started using Skype for Business which is a great product for webinars and decided to try out Office 365. It was not long before I started to have my doubts. I encountered several issues during setup mostly due to having to wait for certain settings to take effect. I liked the shared mailboxes… Read More »

Outlook 2016 will not open word attachments

Have you seen the error “word experienced an error trying to open the file” when using Outlook 2016? This is because the Office trust settings are preventing you from opening untrusted files. Follow these steps to work around the issue – Close Outlook Open Word Go to File and Options Go to Trust settings, and… Read More »