Autocad LT 2017 installation missing DLLs

After running the installer for AutoCAD LT 2017 you may get a host of error messages warning about missing DLL’s. To fix this you can either download the full installation from Autodesk, go to the extracted folder and run the Visual Studio installer, normally something like C:\Autodesk\AutoCAD_LT_2017_NWL_English_Win_64bit_dlm\3rdParty\x64\VCRedist\2015\vcredist_x64.exe You can also find it here – If this does… Read More »

Outlook 2016 – Office 365 sends attachments as winmail.dat

A customer complained that when sending emails from a PC to his Mac all attachments would be received as winmail.dat Ironically they sent as regular attachments under one windows profile but were always received as winmail.dat when sent from the second profile. On inspection the usual suspects were set correctly, that is check that messages are sent as… Read More »

Connecting a USB drive on Proxmox

You have a USB drive with files copied from a windows server / pc and you want to copy them onto a proxmox server – First install ntfs-3g by running the command apt-get ntfs-3g mkdir /usbdrive mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /usbdrive use rsync to copy the data across – rsync -a /usbdrive /todestinationpath

Corrupt files on a Drobo B800i

I came across some inaccessible folders and files on a clients Drobo B800i connected by iSCSI. After doing a little research it is clear that running chkdsk /r is NOT the thing to do as you want to allow the Drobo to manage its own bad sectors and not mess with that. However, when you run chkdsk /f… Read More »

VMware Workstation Unrecoverable Error

After upgrading to Windows 10 I faced an ‘unrecoverable error’ when attempting to resume my virtual machines. I found articles recommending you remove the cdrom device as it is handled differently in windows 10 which also led me to notice I could not edit the virtual machine. Solution – Power down the VM. You will get a warning… Read More »

Google Chrome slow to open

Symptoms – Chrome is very slow to load, or just doesn’t load at all. If you check process explorer you can see all the chrome processes listed as normal but chrome will not open on screen. If you leave it long enough you might be lucky enough to come back and find chrome open on your desktop but… Read More »

Google App Sync and windows 10

Upgraded to windows 10 and getting errors when sending emails from Outlook. Chances are you are using Google App sync which is not yet supported on Windows 10. Google is always behind when it comes to the latest MS software updates so its always good to remember to check if Google App sync supports the upgrade before going… Read More »

Chrome downloads PDF instead of opening it

If you want Chrome to open pdf’s in the browser rather than downloading the pdf’s type the following into the chrome address bar – chrome://plugins/ Enable Chrome PDF viewer Pdf files should now open in the browser when you click on any pdf link on the web.

link folder to a new drive

We often have problems with customers running out of space on a hard drive. There is a simple solution which works from Windows XP upwards. Take a look at junctions – First download junctions.exe and add it to your system folder so that it can be run from any folder. If there is an application using the… Read More »