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link folder to a new drive

We often have problems with customers running out of space on a hard drive. There is a simple solution which works from Windows XP upwards. Take a look at junctions – First download junctions.exe and add it to your system folder so that it can be run from any folder. If there is an application using the… Read More »

Avoid UAC prompt for trusted programs

Tired of seeing this when you run a trusted application? Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer? Allow a specific application to run without prompting for the UAC (User access control). This is better than disabling the UAC completely. 1. Open task scheduler (go start, type task and select task scheduler)… Read More »

Problem installing Windows 7 using Bootcamp Assistant on Macbook Pro

I encountered some issues when installing a Macbook Pro 15″ Retina display model recently and found the following symptoms and solutions useful in resolving them – Symptom – The symptoms lead me straight to thinking it was a bad partition table. In Disk Utility I could see the OSX partition which did not fill the disk and I… Read More »

Know your downgrade rights for Windows

For many reasons you might find yourself in the position where your fancy new computer doesn’t run your legacy licensed software. Did you know you can ‘downgrade’ to an earlier version of windows?