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Google Chrome slow to open

Symptoms – Chrome is very slow to load, or just doesn’t load at all. If you check process explorer you can see all the chrome processes listed as normal but chrome will not open on screen. If you leave it long enough you might be lucky enough to come back and find chrome open on your desktop but… Read More »

Chrome downloads PDF instead of opening it

If you want Chrome to open pdf’s in the browser rather than downloading the pdf’s type the following into the chrome address bar – chrome://plugins/ Enable Chrome PDF viewer Pdf files should now open in the browser when you click on any pdf link on the web.

Java unable to load on chrome

A Google Chrome update means your java plugin does not run as expected. Simply enable the following by typing it in the chrome address bar -> enable, and then relaunch the browser. chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

Chrome is still the best browser BUT

Doesn’t it just annoy you when they change something that just worked. I have used Chrome ‘People’ Feature to create multiple browser profiles and found this a very useful feature. They have just changed that to make it a cumbersome process. Very frustrating! You can revert the changes but it seems Google is quite set on moving forward… Read More »